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    Protect Your Valuables in Brendale with Our Safes

    Some things are just too important to lose, and if theft or fire affects your property, you want to know that your belongings safe. At ABC Locksmiths in Brendale, we stock a full range of different safes, including document safes, security safes, and key safes to suit all of our customers’ needs.

    Fire safes

    Fire is something many customers are concerned about, but with our range of fire safes there’s no need to worry. Our fireproof safes are all professional grade, so even if a fire does start in your home, your valuable documents and possessions will remain safe. They also provide protection from document theft. 

    Gun safes

    Storing weapons in the house can be a problem, especially if there are children around. We have the perfect solution with our selection of gun safes, which allow you to safely store your guns out of harm’s way. They also help you keep your weaponry in great condition.

    Deposit safes

    Our deposit safes are the ideal solution for commercial use where when needs to be restricted to some areas of the safe. Deposits may be made through one-way openings without unlocking the safe. Various sections may also be individually locked.

    In-ground safes

    One of the best ways to protect your valuable items from theft is to keep them in an in-ground safe. These safes are sunken into the ground and covered by a carpet or other floor covering, making them virtually undetectable. At ABC Locksmiths, our expert team can install an in-ground safe in your property quickly and easily so your precious items remain safe.

    Data safes

    In the digital age, more and more of our valuable information is being stored as data. Our data safes are specially designed to store hard drives, CDs and other such materials that hold electronic data, and provide protection from fire, dust and other hazards.
    A selection of safes for sale in Brendale

    Let us find the right safe for you – call us on  07 3205 4925  now!

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